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This ansible role provides a common baseline configuration for debian hosts.

This project is forked from the Guardian Project Ops collection.

It's free and open source made available under the the GNU Affero General Public v3 License.


  • upgrade all installed packages
  • install useful tools:
    • locales
    • htop
    • debsums
    • vim-tiny
    • unattended-upgrades
    • acl
    • dirmngr # Debian Stretch requires dirmngr package to be installed in order to use apt_key
    • unbound # DNSSEC validation
    • lsof
    • ncdu
    • tmux
  • motd w/ ansible message
  • enable unattended-upgrades security only
  • switch ssh to key only authentication
  • support user management


This role only supports Debian hosts.


- hosts: servers
    - ansible-debian-baseline

Role Variables

  • debian_baseline_motd_enabled: true - whether to install an motd stating that this box is ansible managed