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A variety of commands to check various aspects of your IaaS-assetts at gridscale. This check makes use of gsclient-go.

The check-command looks in config/check.toml for a config file containing (for now) just the gridscale user and token. These can also be set via the environment:




$ gridscale-check snapshots count -w 2 -c 1 -u <uuid-of-storage>
$ gridscale-check snapshots age -w 1 -c 2 -u <uuid-of-storage>


state of the server

$ gridscale-check servers state -t server.status -s active -u <uuid-of-server>

check number of cpu cores or memory assigned

n - Max Amount m - Min Amount

$ gridscale-check servers state -t server.cores -u <uuid-of-server> -n 6 -m 4
$ gridscale-check servers state -t server.memory -u <uuid-of-server> -n 6 -m 4

check IP that is assigned

Either with a value to compare (-c) or by matching the relation (-r):

$ gridscale-check servers state -t ip.assigned -u <uuid-of-server> -c
$ gridscale-check servers state -t ip.assigned -u <uuid-of-server> -r <uuid-of-ip-object>

check wether a certain firewall template is enabled

$ gridscale-check servers state -t firewall.template -u <uuid-of-server> -r <uuid-of-ip-object>

helper commands

There are some helper commands, such as listing servers and storages:

$ gridscale-check servers list
$ gridscale-check storages list