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GO111MODULE := on
tar: dist bin/rotochute dist/rotochute.json.example
mkdir dist/rotochute
cp bin/rotochute dist/rotochute/
cp dist/rotochute/
mv dist/rotochute.json.example dist/rotochute/
mv dist/rotochute "dist/rotochute-`bin/rotochute -version`"
cd dist && tar cvzf rotochute-`../bin/rotochute -version`.tar.gz rotochute-`../bin/rotochute -version`
cd dist && rm -r rotochute-`../bin/rotochute -version`
mkdir -p bin
bin/rotochute: bin go.mod main.go cache.go ticket.go config.go rt/rt.go
go build -o bin/rotochute
go test -v
mkdir -p dist
dist/rotochute.json.example: dist bin/rotochute
cd dist && ../bin/rotochute -example